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Published on August 1st 2003
  SEE BELOW ALSO PUBLISHED August - "Good friends" - "Getting to know you" and "Live and let live"
'Thank you"Now published
The Web
Imagine your journey through life as a cobweb
Radiating strands make your framework and hold your web in place
You spin your individual pattern in between - Each radiating strand is rooted to something solid
The three main roots which always formed part of all webs are:-
Genetic Background -
Geographical Location and
Roots for the remaining strands can vary greatly - For example Religion - Sport - Work - Vocation - Talent etc.......
The patterns are endless because you are unique - You can choose what is important to you only - but remember our three main strands always influence what options we have to choose from! Such was the ordered system which governed our lives for generations - but it has already begun to change dramatically
The three main strands are no longer a certainty: If one can change the colour of ones skin, the length of ones limbs, remove DNA from genes to avoid inherited disease and be born in a tube to parents who are dead - then how long before genetic background is fully adjustable?
The migration from geographical origins is growing faster with knowledge - those who stayed and suffered within an unfair system now see the option to leave, as well as the option to stay and change that system!
If we can travel faster than the speed of sound and see the back of Mars then “impossible” takes on a new meaning.
Suddenly with access to the vast body of mankind's knowledge -
The information previously restricted to a few has become accessible to many via radio and tele-communications, the Internet etc.......................................................
“Education” now has a completely different meaning - where before you learned from the spoken or written word - now you can see a moving elephant and hear a whale sing.
All possible Einsteins, Picassos or Marie Curies should be able to fulfil their potential - no matter who or where they are!
The World Wide Web is a giant intangible network of information made by and of all peoples and all knowledge everywhere
The most exciting thing is you can use it AND you can also be part of it!
Technically anybody, anywhere, can reach everybody else in the world!
So spin your web - make your website and connect your life to the world!
Use it to gain knowledge -
To communicate -
To buy or to sell!
To fulfil your aspirations!
Technological advances are momentous and every second someone's life is changed via The Web
  PUBLISHED 6-10-2003

Love Story

The match

Alone at last

Someone to talk to

Someone to listen

Live and let live

When life goes by at such a fast pace
When we spend our time taking care only of our selves
When “There but for the grace of God go I”
and when the line between ‘we’ and ‘I’ - Is very thin
Slow down
Take time to give a little
You will enjoy Time much more

Good Friends

A friend is special - A good friend is very special
The most important thing about a good friend is that she always has time to listen -
any time - anywhere - She never tires of hearing what is happening to you
After that she is great when you need someone to:
Go out with or just to meet up with
To try new recipes on or to meet for a quick lunch
To share a good book with - horror or romance alike
or get all dressed up and go ‘Posh’ shopping with
To give you a make-over when you are down and
to listen to you rabbit on when you are happy
To meet for a coffee and completely safe to confide in
She will come running when you have a (nother) broken heart
or in time of deepest despair
She will support you when you stand up for your rights and
understand when you have bitten off more than you can chew
She will laugh with you when you try out the latest fashion in underwear!
and cry when you complain to about ‘The Boss” - Lack of money or the unfairness of life
A good friend transcends all other relationships! - Boyfriends - partners - husbands - family................
A good friend is forever


Getting to know you
What if the usual way of getting to know someone was to be reversed?
What if you got to know someone before you met them?
It might turn out like this little story did.............
He nonchallantly contemplates life in general.............She happily reads the news of today
Without any great premeditation they come across each other on the Web
They start a dialogue
Which grows into friendship?
They unplug thier computers and meet for the first time....
and then...

Now available

Thank you
Whether he sells you a newspaper or saves your life
Whether he gives you a lift or builds your dog a house

Whether she rescues you from despair or bakes you a cake
Whether she lends you an ear or lends you a hand

Whether they housesit your home or deliver your post
Whether they give of their time or give of their table

Whether you answer the call or send the letter
Whether you help to shift it or help to reach it

Whether we support, catch, raise, fix or produce
For two short words they sure say a lot!!!

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