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What is a Limited Edition Print?

What is an Open Print
What is a Short Story

The title is written on the left

It is a print of an image which is limited to a specified number which can never be changed

This number is usually written in pencil by the artist in the bottom right hand corner beside the artists signature


For example this print is titled 'Fortune favours the brave'

This print is number - 108/500

In an edition of 1/500 - There are a total of 500 prints made Each one is given a different number starting with 1/500 the next one 2/500, the next one 3/500, 4/500..............and so on

The 108 refers to the number of this particular print and the 500 refers to the maximum number of prints made from this image



Limited edition number botton right of this image


What is an Open Print?

It is a print of an image which has no restrictions whatsoever - Click to view

It may be printed any number of times - in any number of different sizes and formats

I sign and title all my open prints

For example - '8 Jars' and '12 Jars' are Open Edition Prints

They are available as Postcards, individually or in packs - As prints in series '8 Jars' - '12 Jars' etc.


What is a Short Story

It is a print which belongs to a series of similar prints - some vertical some horizontal - Click to view

They are all Limited Editions of 1/500

Dimensions - Unframed - 105mm x 450mm

For example - 'Fortune favours the brave' seen above

They are available framed or in a tube - Price click


What are unframed Packets
These are the images unframed in cellophane Packets with framing instructions and dimensions





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