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We measure our lives by what we achieve
Each new day brings a challenge
Each achievement a new goal
Let each birthday be seen as a crossroads
Exciting with all itÕs new options
Made possible
by the road you have traveled so far Another milestone
on your quest for contentment
Another step towards your dreams

Missing you...............
I can not count how often I think of you
No words can describe how I feel
So I just want you to know
I am always
.....missing you

Watchimg over me
As you sleep snuggled up in your bed
although I am not always with you
I think of you

I am like a bright star in the sky
..........Always watching over you from afar

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Friendship is an invisible bond between two
It is made up of ‘give’ and ‘take’ and ‘compromise’
When you need support....
There is someone there to help you out
........no matter what
sold out
I wonder if there is one
special partner for each of us?
If there is one soul mate
with whom we can be happy forever?
and whether we know it immediately,
when we meet that someone?
and if that is called.....
....................Love at first sight?

Spring Clean
Many of us carry excess emotional baggage
‘Unfinished business’
Feelings which weigh us down
Consider spring cleaning your Jar
It is never too late
........then feel the weight evaporate
Time does not stand still
Moving from one place to another - whether it be a new House or Job or even Country
Is like leaving a part of yourself behind
Your comfort - your friends - your past!
But live in the present
The future will probably be FANTASTIC!
Oh! and “Good luck”

New Beginnings
Sold out

Never having to leave after saying “Goodnight”
“I’ll see you tomorrow”
means waking up
and you will be there
Now no family, custom,
tradition or law can separate us

Someone to be with - forever - Married
Fresh Start
A clean page - An empty Jar
No others to tell you what to do or when to do it
The first time you get your own space is magic!
The second time is even better
We live among others We abide by the rules
We are limited by our circumstances
Personal Freedom to do and think and feel
as you yourself alone would like
Is very difficult to find and
even more difficult to keep
So when you do find freedom to be
truly who you are
Even in a single place or time
Treasure it!
The long hours spent
The commitment
The sacrifices
When you finally achieve what you have striven for
It feels absolutely great
What friends are for
Sold out
To be there - when you need them
No matter how small the need
Or how great the need
A good friend is there - always

P.S. They can not always save you
but they can always listen

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