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Just married.....

Just married….
Starting out in married life
is where the fun really starts!
We get to be together - always
We get to shape our lives
just the way We want
We get to make plans for our future
We get to choose our own path through life
We get to fulfill our dreams-
And if We don’t manage them all
at least We will have a wonderful time - trying


The excitement
when two people set out
on the journey of Life is tangible
The expectation
of what is to come is immense
The joy of each new addition to the family
is boundless
The support of development
and pride in achievenment is great
Celebrations and anniversaries
come and go
Be sure to enjoy each day
do not forget to keep the door open to
new places and new experiences
so that you enjoy your journey
to the very end!


It may be early - It may be late - But the day will come
When finally you can empty your Jar
of all work related bulk
No more:- ‘Preparing for work’
‘What to wear for work?’ ‘Early starts’
‘Getting to work’ - ‘Working’ ‘Late nights’
‘Returning home from work’ ‘Week-end Courses’
or‘Socialising after work’
No more ‘Office Christmas Parties’ (Forever!)
No more uniform whether
Firebrigade, ‘Suit & Tie’ or tracksuit!
No More 9 - 5, Accounts, Schedules, Targets, Timetables,
Productivity, Pay rises or freezes,
No more Work Colleagues,
Customers, Clients or
anybody else who is always right!!
No more commuting
No more Rush Hour...... No moreWork!
Your Jar is empty....
What you choose to put in it is totally up to you!
.....are you ready?


If the high pressure of demands on you
produce a storm instead of results
and if the forecast is: More of the same -
It is time to Chill out
Stress can rule your life
but only if you let it

Let your brain relax - read a book -
listen to music - walk the dog - play golf -
dig the garden - run till you tire -
go fly a kite - do absolutely anything
or nothing at all!
whatever it takes to calm the storm

.....and the Sun will shine!

....and you will manage whatever it is you have to do
much better - much faster
than when you had to fight against stress
as well as everything else!

It may take a while
It may take your whole life
But I do believe
There is nothing you can not do
if you really want to
and anyway - If everyone gave up
after trying something only once
where would we be?
If at first you don’t succeed, try,
try again!
The route to success is not always
a series of rungs on a ladder
tried and tested and perfectly spaced for easy climbing!
You may have to spend quite some time
placing it in the right position
Carrying it from one level to the next
and even then you may find some rungs are broken and
others are completely missing!
Eventually you will probably
have to leave it behind altogether
for newer more advanced
methods of upward motion
In fact
When you do succeed
you can rest assured
you will have earned it!

Moving in
Saving the rent is a great excuse
Two, together can eat for less
“Think of all the money we will save”
“With your furniture
and my bits and pieces
We can be realy snug!”
“Think of all the time we can save”
There are lots of good reasons
Loads of good excuses
When you find that special someone
Who makes you feel complete
Who makes you feel alive
Apart - is not really an option

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