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Cause and effect
Extreme moveover
Get up and go
Home alone - together
Location, Location, Location
Look to the future
Outer Space
The Perfect neighbour
Quality time
The Dinner Party
The Key

Cause and effect
Reward without effort is called Luck
Reward after effort is called Success
The greater the effort
The sweeter the success!
Luck is great but
Success is totally amazing !!!!
So if you have tasted success - well done,
Congratulations you really do deserve it!
But beware - it can make you want more!

The Key
It may be just - somewhere that you hang your hat
It may be your lifes’ dream
It may be where your heart is
It may even be your castle
To you it may mean privacy
To you it may mean peace of mind
Your space to unwind
Your space to develop
Your space to be yourself
A key is not alive - it can not love you
But the Key to where you live
Is probably the single most important possession
that your soul will ever own

Get up and go
If your life is in the shade
to where the sun is shining
If your life has lost it’s excitement
to where Life sizzels!
Do not wait for life to come to you
Go and get it
You are the architect of your own future
Home alone - together
When you have found the one you love
When all you want to do - is be together
Then the first time you close - your own
front door on the rest of the world is very special
When you look back
You will always remember.....
...the very first time you were
home, alone...........together

Location, location, location
There is no one place
anywhere in the world
where every single one of us
would definitely be happy to live
We are all different
We have different needs
The real trick is to find
‘Your own’
Perfect location


Look to the future!

Nothing stays the same
and some things in life - never change
The past is a great place to visit
But the present is the only place to live
Look to the future with positive expectation
Because the future starts - right now...................

Outer Space
The light of day with the heat of the sun
The dark of night with the brightness of the stars
The colour of a rainbow with the touch of raindrops
when you are outside.........
Living life is all around you - all the time

The perfect neighbour
Should always be there to:-
Lend a pint of milk or a loaf of bread
Accept deliveries when I am away
Let in the television repair man
Keep my spare key
Mind my messages
Feed my goldfish
Be a good listener
Be quiet
Be a........ friend ?
Quality time
A lot of our younger years were spent
Wanting to be “old enough to........”
and ‘X’ number of years was like a magic barrier
to be reached or illicitly crossed!
To ride a bike ‘on the road’ - to leave school,
to wear make-up,
get a job, drive a car, go dancing
and / or drinking or even to vote!
We never seemd quite to be ........
tall enough - for the fun fair ride
or old enough - to gain entry
or mature enough to get insured in Dad’s car!
As each goal was achieved - another appeared
Life is not a race to the end
There is no prize for finishing first
Each day comes but once
and all we truly have
is the memory of our past
and this one moment in Time
It is the quality
of how we spend our time
which make the best memories

The Dinner party
The flat is spotless - The ambience is warm
The table is set - The music is soft
The candles are lit - The cork is pulled
The menu is aromatic - The drinks are suffecient
It is good company that makes dinner - a Party!

Extreme moveover
They say clearing out your rubbish
Clears your mind
They say leaving the past behind
Opens your eyes to the future
If ‘changing rooms’
are what you long for
Then as you move to this new location
With waiting - empty - rooms!
Do not hesitate!
Get your teeth into that new Life Style!
Let hypothetical Lifts
and Tucks and Bandages
Train your mind to make the changes.....
.....by lifting the weights from your past
Then porcelain veneers
and lasic eye surgery and make-up
When applied - not to you
but to your ‘Surroundings’
Can make your move - Extreme!

Title:- Lifestyle Series
11 Limited Edition Prints

11 Limited Edition Size:- 1/500

Limited Edition Print Ref Nos:-LS192-202

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