If I can dream

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If I can dream
As I stood in a long queue at the bus stop, in the cold and the wind and the rain I vowed always to remember what it felt like as sometimes several full busses passed us by - I stood there and wondered what everybody else was thinking? -What were they like? - What were their dreams?

Here we have 30 people - 3 children and 20 dreams - try to match the dream with the person....................................

Little old lady who jumped the queue and went straight to the front
An empty bus
Gentleman reading the paper - with umbrella
A comfy armchair and my foot stool
Lady with the handbag - no umbrella - trying to keep herself warm
I want to be at home in my armchair
Business type with mobile phone and umbrella
Oh! to be surfing the internet right now
Lady laden down with shopping - whose place in the queue happened to be in a puddle
A steaming hot bath
Tall man with a sore back
A steaming hot bath with my two rubber ducks
Father bending down - the Mother and three children and folded buggy
A nice big jeep
Woman using her newspaper to keep her new hairstyle dry
A new jeep
Smart lady with her paper under her arm keeping dry with her umbrella
An expensive jeep
Young smarmy show-off using the rain to wet his hair while combing it
Me the big star - I will be famous one day
Short woman behind him telling him a thing or two
If he was my son I’d soon knock some manners into him
Business gent who looks as if he does not belong in any queue
A helicopter
Shy unhappy young man head bent low
A bed with two in it
Man who spots a piece of paper blowing by and bends to pick it up
Winning lotto ticket
Young couple oblivious off all others
Winning lotto ticket - then we could be together forever
Man behind who is uncomfortable with the obvious show of affection
Winning lotto ticket then I would never stand in a queue again
Lady completely engrossed in reading her book
Desert island holiday
Very fashionably dressed sophisticated lady - with tan - in the large straw hat
I want to go back to my desert island
Couple back to back under the umbrella
Snug sofa for two in front of a blazing fire and a glass of wine”
Yuppie on the mobile with an umbrella “Food!!!!!
Anything I’m starving - imagine a burger and fries”
Lady shrieking loudly into her mobile for all to hear!
“I got the Job!!!”
Woman trying to rest her sore feet
Oh for a pair of well worn warm slippers
A knight in shining armour - come to save her
Two women gossiping animatedly under one umbrella
A cuppa tea and what I wouldn’t give for a cup of coffee!
Suave young dresser concentrating 100% on how well he looks as proceeds to join the line of admirers
Man slowly carrying a large extremely heavy suitcase
A chair - any chair - even a hard chair
Man striding purposefully to join the queue
Football on the telly

Title:-Gone fishing

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