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Reach for the stars!
Reach for the stars - Who knows what you might find?
If you do not try - you can not succeed
Do not fear failure - It is only one cul-de-sac
Not the end of all roads
and remember...... You will only find your limits if you reach beyond them!!

Before we met I could not imagine together
Now we are together I can not imagine alone again
Until you return I can only imagine together once more

Always on my mind
When you go to bed thinking of her
when you dream about him
when you smile at yourself in the mirror
at the thought of her
when you get dressed to please him
when you travel to work
oblivious of your surroundings
when work is an obstacle keeping you apart
when food is tasteless
and unnecessary without her
when time apart moves like a snail................
when you feel FANTASTIC as you meet
when being together is the
only thing which matters..............
If you can remember this feeling
then you have been in love
if you haven’t
you have a treat in store!

On his own man can achieve a lot
as part of a team he can achieve a lot more
than the sum of the members of that team
If you add team spirit - the possibilities are endless

Quantum leap
History is written as we live it - Slow steady progress inevitably inexorably takes each of us forward
But sometimes.......
When we reach for something much higher - When we stretch our resolve even further
When we push past previous limits...... to beyond - just sometimes....
It is possible to exceed all expectations...... -
- to realise our very dreams
A Friend
If your are soaked to the skin
or blown off your feet
by Life’s little trials and tribulations
If you are too cold to think straight
or too parched to cry
Even then
All you need is a friend -
Someone to call on -
A Friend means you are no longer alone

Thank you
Whether he sells you a newspaper or saves your life
Whether he gives you a lift or builds your dog a house
Whether she rescues you from despair or bakes you a cake
Whether she lends you an ear or lends you a hand
Whether they housesit your home or deliver your post
Whether they give of their time or give of their table
Whether you answer the call or send the letter
Whether you help to shift it or help to reach it
Whether we support, catch, raise, fix or produce
For two short words they sure say a lot!!!


Getting to know you
Getting to know you
What if the usual way of getting to know someone was to be reversed?
What if you got to know someone before you met them?
It might turn out like this little story did.............
He nonchalantly contemplates life in general.............She happily reads the news of today
Without any great premeditation they come across each other on the Web
They start a dialogue
Which grows into friendship?
They unplug their computers and meet for the first time....
and then...



Lean on me
“Lean on me - when you’re not strong
I’ll be your friend - I’ll help you carry on
For it won’t be long till - I’m gonna need
somebody to lean on - Lean on me...........”

I listened to this song the other evening
and this drawing was the result

What will be will be
The future is not ours to see
Every day we are faced with many choices
Each choice we make
affect’s the situation
we find ourselves in next
Should we go through the door to our left
or our right
or climb all the steps
and enter to one at the very top?
Some choices are made for us
If my parents had had the fifty pounds
for me to go to
The Grafton Academy of Design
I would not have gone to
Bolton Street College of Technology
I would not have met my husband
I would not have had my children
I would not now be writing these words
Or would I?

Sometimes it is nice to know
that what will be will be

You'll never walk alone
There was a time
when you could decide to go off
and live off the land
be self sufficient
Be left alone
But to be left completely alone
is probably not possible any more
The government would find you
at least on census day!
and what would you do
if you got a tooth ache?
Even if you could make the string
to tie your tooth to the door
who would slam the door?

In Love
Is a fantastic place for two people to be!
Everything is crystal clear
You know exactly who you want to be with
every moment of every day
You know exactly what happiness is
If only the rest of the world
would stop getting in the way!

The things which constantly get in the way include:-
Work, sleep, sport, training, mates, work,
study, family, duties, school, work, hobbies,
college, friendships, commitments, work,
colleagues, prior engagements,
plans for the future, work, holidays,
ambitions, palls, food, work, responsibilities
and pets -
all of which used to fill our lives - but which now just clutter it up!!!

It's all ahead of you
Starting as family is a wonderful time!
You can look forward to the day baby
is supposed to arrive Which sometimes ends in either a false alarm or a last minute dash To choosing a name which you both like and
which does not offend any of either family
and the Christening - Oh Yes!
I think a hat IS required and a suit !
To making sure baby eats enough
of the right food - Starts solids on cue
Grows at the right speed - Is weighed
measured and injected at the right time
Is always wearing the right nappies
for it’s gender - Then when all that has been mastered and you think you are home safe - Sleepless nights take their toll excused
by “Oh the poor thing has wind”
or “colic” and/or ”teething”
To walking the floor for hours only for baby to wake on touching the pillow
Starting all over again....up and down
And in some cases even resorting to driving the little mite to sleep - in the car!

Then just when they become easier to manage
they run away to school
never even looking back!

Keeping in touch
How many times have you heard the words
“I’ll phone you” or “I will write”
How many times
have you yourself said those words
and not meant them
So many lonely hours spent waiting
for that someone to phone or write
Waiting for the phone to ring
or the postman to call
Sometimes the one you want
no longer feels the same
Sometimes commitments keep you apart
If you only knew...........
Phone that someone now and write to your favourite relative

We'll meet again
So many relationships
are filled with times spent apart
This little story about being together
goes like this........
The day finally comes when they will be together again
and They meet
There is so much to say
so much news to catch up on
So many questions need to be answered
They sit and talk for hours
They spend all day - every day - together
And every night too
There is never enough time!!
and all too soon it’s time to say
“Goodbye” again
but knowing we’LL meet again helps
and perhaps the next time
there will be no “Goodbye”

I've done it!
Passing an exam - Academic or otherwise is the most wonderful feeling
To have been judged by ones peers to be good enough
after weeks - months - even years of learning
and endless practice is fantastic - brilliant and marvellous!
But I wonder if a thought ought to be spared for those who also wait for the result
Those who care passionately whether we pass or fail
Those who walk the floor waiting for the phone to ring
Constantly checking the time
nervously drinking or chain smoking or praying
One with her ears covered and another with his head in a cardboard box
Driven to distraction by the waiting and
at the same time afraid to hear the result.............
The words “I’ve done it” shouted while floating from cloud nine
are greeted with “Congratulations” and “I never doubted you”
And perhaps it is because of those very people who care so much
that the feelings of joy are so great!

So if you’ve just done it - “Well done”

Gone Fishing
When the work load is unending
When the years race by
When queues for everything are growing
When the noise is deafening
When the traffic isn’t moving................
I think of Reginald Perrin
Maybe he had the right idea - He just carried it a little too far
When it all gets too much
Do leave all the hassles behind on the shore and go fishing!
Just remember to leave a note!

Good luck
Reaching 21 is not just an other birthday..... so they say!!!
Up till now there has been someone telling you what you can and can not do
As a baby when to sleep - when to be awake - when to eat
As a toddler what you can and can not break or even touch!
As a school child what to learn and how to learn it
As a teen-ager how and whom to start a relationship with
Later you find out for yourself just how far to push the barriers and what to rebel against
Then one day it all changes
With only about 7670 days of practice - You are deemed ready to do it yourself
You can now sleep when and with whom you want - eat and drink what you want.........but
You can touch and break what you want............but
What or if you want to learn becomes your choice..........but
The choice of partner is now expanded to include the whole world..........but
There are no barriers except those you put on yourself...........but
.............Only this one rule remains
You are now legally and morally responsible for all your own actions
From now on the buck stops with you!
Whatever you want - See it all - Do it all and be it all
but...........Be selective
and have a great life

(“Good luck” Just in case you need it)
If I can dream
As I stood in a long queue at the bus stop,
in the cold and the wind and the rain
I vowed always to remember what it felt like
as sometimes several full busses passed us by
I stood there and wondered what everybody else was thinking?
What were they like?
What were their dreams?
Here we have 30 people - 3 children and 20 dreams - try to match the dream with the person

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